Metal & Plastic Mold Industry Pioneer

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We see our R & D and technology the assurance of production in the mold sector.

R & D and Production Base

Founded in 1998, Aslantaş Mold
today continues to produce mold and plastic injection sector.
Aslantaş mold manufacturing in many sectors mainly weapon automotive sector, agricultural, medical, construction and plastic packaging mold.
Using CAD / CAM programs in computer environment.
We are transforming our mold designs into plastic injection, aluminum injection, rubber injection and rubber press molds with our experienced staff in our wide machinery park with advanced technology.

Production Line

We serve with advanced technology Cad / Cam supported CNC machine park.

Quality Certificates

Our production line and our products conform to international quality standards.

Mold Production

We manufacture molds in different sectors such as automotive, weapons, agriculture and medical.

PCP Air Rifle Mold Works

We produce PCP aesthetic and solid product molds.

Blank Gun Punch Molding

We supply many domestic and foreign producers on weapons.

Air Rifle Attachments and Accessories

Wide range of air rifle attachments and accessories.

Our Automotive & Electronics Sector Mold Works

Automotive Sector product groups

Agricultural Sector Mold Works

Agricultural sector product groups

Our Medical Sector Mold Works


Building, Traffic Signaling and Furniture Sector Mold Works

Signalization, Building, Furniture